Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lovely Bargains!

I love a good bargain, do you? Recently, I've gotten some good ones. Like this little table. Ever since I brought it home, when anyone comes to visit, I get them to guess how much it cost. So far my sister's boyfriend has been the closest. He guessed three euro, but it was actually only two! Isn't that amazing?! I got it at a charity fair thing a while ago. The guy who was selling it was lovely and when I asked how much it was, he said I was the first person all day to show any interest in it. (Don't know what that says about the table, or me!) So it was mine for two yoyos! I think I was destined to own it!

I carried it around then for a couple of hours at the fair, while I waited for my Mam who was trawling for treasure - fairs like that are her idea of heaven! In that time lots of nice strangers admired my three-legged table and gave me random bits of advice. One woman, to whom I casually mentioned that I had plans to paint it, was completely horrified and managed to talk me out of it. Seemingly her son-in law paints things that colour in America so it has a vintage look! She told me to just clean it, so that's what I did. I think I like the colour now. 

I also recently picked up two more Mary Berry books to add to my collection.  I donated a load of old clothes to a charity shop recently and on my way out I saw these two books in the shop window, so I went straight back in. The books are pretty ancient, but I do love retro cookbooks! And they are really good books. I particularly like the freezer one. I think it was written shortly after freezers were invented as there is a section that explains how to choose the freezer for your needs. It's wonderful!

Haven't been making or baking much over the last while but I did turn this old jam jar into a vase! The weather is so miserable lately I thought bright flowers might make it seem like Summer is on the way...


  1. Hello Clare:
    Well, Clare, you certainly had a bargain! We cannot believe that you only paid two euros for the table, it is less than a cup of coffee. Indeed, it would not have even bought half a cup of coffee in Venice and in a back street at that!

    We think that the advice not to paint the table was wise and it looks very good now that it is cleaned up. It is amazing how vintage finds can be transformed with a wash and brush up!!!

    Your flowers are so pretty and we do hope that the weather has cheered up for you now. Sorry to mention it, but sunny days here and blue skies!!

  2. Hi Jane and Lance!

    Oh, I'm very glad to hear the weather is good over in Budapest - do enjoy it :-)

    I never thought of my bargain table in terms of coffee prices and now that you mention it I feel even more pleased with my purchase!!

  3. That is an amazing bargain - well done you!

  4. What a lovely table, I love the detail on the top (great price as well, wow!). The vase of flowers are sure pretty. I have been doing the same, and bringing flowers inside to enjoy, as the weather has been so poor lately. Here is hoping we see some sunshine soon :)
    Have a great weekend
    Magie x

    1. Hi Magie, yeah the weather has been so miserable! Oh well, it can only get better. Til then i'll just continue picking flowers and putting them in jam jars! x