Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh I feel really  bad,  like I have abandoned this poor little blog for the past few weeks. I'd like to tell you that I have been busy making and baking so much stuff that I just couldn't drag myself away from the oven/sewing machine, ahem, but I haven't really. I have actually spent most of the last few weeks sneezing! I'm really not loving hay-fever season! I'm constantly going around wearing my giant sunglasses with packets of tissues shoved in every pocket. Is it bad that I'm looking forward to Autumn already?!

Anyway the one thing I do love about this time of year are the Summer sales! And over the past few weeks I have picked up some bits that I think are going to change my life: a pig cooking timer and a digital scales! I think these are really significant purchases for my cooking/baking ambitions because now for the first time ever I'll definitely have the correct measurements. The old scales I used involved a lot of rounding up and down. And with the timer I can precisely time my baked goods, and the pig bings! So I'll also remember to take them out on time. The future is looking bright! 

Now that I have these new gadgets I need to use them. I did get to try them out when I half-made my Dad and Father-in-Law Lemon Meringue Pies for Fathers Day. I decided to make one for my Dad since he loved the first one I made - he gave it 10/10. Then I also kinda owed my Father-in-Law one, after he rescued us from IKEA recently when we bought a big thing that didn't fit into our Beetle. Of course we only realised it didn't fit when we were in the car park trying to squeeze it in the boot! Oops! So as soon as he arrived I thought a nice suggestion of a home made cake would keep him sweet - it did! And it also doubled as a Fathers Day cake! 

Anyway, Fathers Day morning I got up early and started to bake, I had to go out pretty early so I needed to get the baking done quickly.  I made the base but then I forgot there's quite a bit of waiting involved in this recipe, so before I got to tackle the other bits I had to go.  I decided I'd have to leave the rest up to my husband to finish off. But I left him in the very capable hands of Mary Berry. I decided to give Mary's LMP recipe a try - as I couldn't find my print out of Emma's one. So I told him to just  follow everything Mary says.

I was so happy when I saw the end results - both pies looked amazing. Then when we were at my parents I had a slice and well, it was very lemony. Like so lemony it tasted like solid lempsip. The pastry and the top bit were lovely but the lemon bit was just sour lemon. My husband ate his up - quite pleased with himself! I asked him how much sugar he put in the lemon bit and his response was: "what sugar?" After a bit of discussion we realised that not only did he leave out the sugar but he also didn't put the egg yolks in. The ones that I had separated and left out on the table - he threw in the bin! He now claims that he has invented a healthy lemon meringue pie! I've decided I'm never leaving him in charge of baking again! (Although they did look really impressive, God love him!)

Anyway now that I have finally returned to my poor abandoned blog I feel like I've loads to catch up on. I intend to get all organised now. I've been a bit of a procrastinating feather head recently. I've been loosing things and forgetting stuff and meaning to do things but not getting round to. And one little thing that prevented me blogging recently was that I lost my camera cable! And who wants to look at a blog without pictures?! I couldn't find the silly cable for almost a month. Even praying to St.Anthony (which usually always works for me) didn't! Then this morning as I had my head upside down blowdrying my hair, I saw it! In the distance under a chair of un-ironed clothes in my bedroom! It was one of those brilliant moments when everything in the world seems right again! So now that I have my precious cable, I have to make time to do something with all the photos on my camera and on my computer because I think it's going to explode if I don't make some room. I've been taking so many pictures of food recently that I've no space left on my laptop. So, I'm going to get it all sorted and then I'll be back shortly and I'll be all set to get  making and baking! I've really missed it!   But for now I have to go catch up on the thousands of posts I've missed over the last while on all the blogs I usually read! I'll get round to ironing some other time...


  1. Whoop! your back :) great blog Clare and fair dues to Mark for attempting to bake the LMP (you were very brave leaving him to do it though ha) I have not forgotten our little plan to meet up either, Im off tomorrow so I will look into asking the girls :) x

    1. Oh cool Sarah, yeah we need to make a date! x

  2. I can defiantly relate with the hay fever.. I have been pretty much the same the last little while, sniffles galore!
    Great new kitchen gadgets...the little piggie timer is cute :)
    I remember my first attempt at lemon meringue pie as a teenager, it went horribly didn't look half as nice :P
    Have a lovely week :)
    Magie x

    1. Thanks Magie, hope your hay-fever improves! x

  3. Digital scales changed my life too! God how old do I feel writing that sentence! Loving your timer, I have a little gingerbread man one. That's so brave leaving your hubby in charge of the baking... when I left my OH in charge in the kitchen, he tried to boil onions!